Wednesday, June 24, 2009

monkey business, or, a primate shall lead them

While holding a MSM-style press conference, (al'a Barack Hussein Obama).. the president of the african nation of Zambia, had a little more to contend with that we, the bearers of freedom, can muster to oppose the crazed policies of BHO here in the US of A!! ..
"A monkey urinated on Zambian President Rupiah Banda as he spoke to reporters outside his State House offices on Wednesday."
"Banda devoted much of his second news conference as president to reassuring Zambians over the dramatic economic slowdown.."

We all can see as clearly as a glistening man hammering at his smithys forge, that the once flawless, roaring, economy.. the 'rising tide that lifts all boats' economy of G.W. Bush - MY president.. has, in the few short months of BHO, been destroyed!!
No press conference.. or lousy facts.. can show me anything else!! It is NOW clear.. the solution to stop the BHO dismantlement of the great Bush economy... we must import a gaggle of well-hydrated zambian spider monkeys and turn them loose to show their opinion of our economic disaster.. using the 'Zambian method'!.
They would also be great for any moslem rallies or foes of Israel trying to get out their vile propaganda at a press conference!!
''allah akbar'' doesnt sound so menacing when you are soaked in monkey pee, BTW..

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Anonymous said...

is that the president of the peeing monkey?