Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well, I hammer in the morning..

Nothing makes me happier than seeing islamo-facists flee the wrath of my mighty keyboard! There are a lot of bloggers angered by this brave and lonely stance this unshakeable, israel-loving, fetishtic Oklahoman blacksmith has adopted.. let em stew, that what I say!
We need more damn-the-torpedos, keep your damn facts - I dont care, types of red-blooded americans like me.
Thats why I was glad to hear of the attempt to help the youth of their city by 'Manifested Glory Ministries' in Bridgeport Conn.
When a disturbed youth came to them seeking assistance for help controlling his gay urgings, they did what any Sarah Palin voter would immediately do- they held a Excorcism .
Now, the MSM is mocking their attempts to help this disturbed child, as if anyone could doubt that subjecting a already metally disturbed kid to a mock exorcism could do anything but serve to set him ..straight! Oh damn you MSM!!
If only I could get this misguided youth in my blacksmith shop, I would certainly endeavor to continue the good works started by the folks at manifested glory ministries..

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