Tuesday, June 23, 2009

have you seen this boy?

I got this picture of this perp, it seems to be a doughy, trailer dwelling maniac of some sort that keeps emailing me demanding dog food and meth, or she will tell me wife of my online ..activites. If you reconize this chubby malcontent, be sure to keep a supply of meth on hand or she wont leave your porch.
Also, whoever gave this disturbed boy a glock, you should be rather ashamed of yourself.

STOP trying to stop gay marriage!!

just as a blacksmith is wedded to his tools, the blacksmiths mate, his muse, his best boy, is wedded to the blacksmiths tool.
Freedom must be spread across the globe, first to the islamo-facists of course, most of whom must be bombed to satisfy the security of Israel, but it must then be spread here by the same true conservatives who recognize that the only reason for the USA to exist is the mission to spread FREEDOM.
Once we finish off the islamo-nazis, all of us conservatives must unite to stop all discrimination here in the US of A against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and yes, my own Fetish community.. its the conservative thing to do, and if you do not support gay marriage here, like a conservative, you should be silenced and deported to saudi arabia as you will then get a taste of a freedom-less society!!!

Israelis bringing their boy home!..soon?

Above is picture of Israeli super-soldier Gilroy Shallot, showing the obvious strains of his captivity among the brutal islamo-nazis-
We all have about had enough of the intolerant IslamoFacists, who strike terror not only against their resident L.G.B.T. communities, that flourished in the middle-east before the ruthless crackdowns of Saddam Hussein,
but let us not forget that the IslamoFacists have been holding a dear beautiful Israeli boy, named Gilroy Shallot, in brutal captivity.
Well, now it looks like Gilroy may be coming home!

Once again the Israelis are the beacon the world, and anyone who says otherwise is a total anti-semite.

welcome.. throw your rod in the fire too!.. its toasty

this blog is going to fill a gap between the old boys network of the traditionalist blacksmithing community, and the L.G.B.T. community, as well as the many fetish communites ( I enjoy surprising other men with my genitalia- NOT reccomended around a roaring metalworking forge BTW,..LOL. oh we laugh here!! ;] inside of L.G.B.T. such as bondage, role-playing, role-reversal, domination..etc..
From a accepting and open-minded Oklahoman metal worker, welcome to one and all!