Saturday, June 27, 2009

Im mad as hell, and...

Gentleman, I can no longer sustain my charade after the results of yesterdays 'cap and trade' vote..
It makes me feel too creepy to be a conservative pretending to be a liberal, mocking Neoconservative Dupes, who think im a Neoliberal.. and its frankly confusing.. to ME.
Even pretending to be a Neoliberal after the democrats passed the effort to extinguish the last vestige of remaining american industry, 'cap and trade', is a bridge too far for me folks.. I just cant do it.

So, this is the deal. According to statcounter, I have managed almost 500 unique visits to this stupid site so far, in the span of only one provacative week, so although I may continue maintain this site as a amusement, I feel that I have made my point.

This site was a response to a blogger who decided that anyone who disagrees with him is a TROLL, and that if you disgree you should be censored.. this person laughably calls himself a american conservative. As a american and a real, traditional, non-ass kissing variety of conservative, I strongly beg to differ.

Censorship is far more threatening than any opinion, even offending ones, and it is not the tool of our founding fathers.. it is the traditional tool of totalitarian tyrants, who know that their opinion cannot sustain itself in the face of open debate. That is the reason I took the course, and invested the time, in parodying the tyranical pundit, who lays claim to a heritage that his own actions reject.

When his own opinons were repeatedly shown to be false, uninformed, and of a school of thought that is directly relatable to leftist, WILSONIAN neocon ideaology repackaged by propagandists as 'conservative', the blogger in question, instead of challenging my assertion, blurted out that I was a Anti-Semite and declared that I was slandering the 'JEWS', in spite of the fact that none of my posts on his blog had ever mentioned israel, jews etc..
He simply had no answer for my points, so instead he removed all posts that he could not answer, censored my comments from his site, and then made a post of his own suggesting that his actions were in defense of 'Jews'..

WHAT A MORON, what a disgrace to our founding fathers, what a faulty american and human being..

As I pointed out in a earlier post, you will find many sources selling 'freedom spreading', 'democracy exporting' , interfering in foreign states, engaging in alliances with foreign entities, (USUALLY while the ''patriot'' is also peddling scam products like colon cleasing solutions, hair regrowth pills, and penis-enlargement tablets..) and all these concepts are specifically and without exception refuted and opposed by our founding fathers.. the men who created our nation.
If you are stupid enough to believe the globalist rationalizations sold by scammers who are also willing to shill for penis-enlargement pill-makers, and snake oil herbal remedies, then there is little hope for you.

The words of our founders stand clear through the ages, and to borrow a quote from GW Bush, you either stand with the founders, or against us- you cant stand with both-

It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.
--George Washington

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.
--Thomas Jefferson

The most successful war seldom pays for its losses.
--Thomas Jefferson

To preserve our independence...We must make our election between economy and liberty, or profusion and servitude.
--Thomas Jefferson

Governments constantly choose between telling lies and fighting wars, with the end result always being the same. One will always lead to the other.
--Thomas Jefferson

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
--John Adams

Of all the enemies to public liberty, war is perhaps the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other.
--James Madison

No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.
--James Madison

The loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad.
--James Madison

A people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.
--James Madison

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
--Thomas Jefferson

ANYONE who reads these quotes, and can reconcile them with the policy of either the modern Neocon Republican sale-pitch or the modern Neoliberal Democrat sales-pitch, is either disingenuous, or has a serious reading deficiency.

ANYONE telling you that a man who advocates for one more warhead, freedom-grabbing 'patriot' act, invasion, or 'spread of freedom' to lands that have never known it, at our expense, is NEITHER a conservative NOR acting upon the wishes of our founders, HE IS A LIAR AND A DECEIVER.

Whether you are a christian and recall the tale of the good samaritan, or a agnostic who believes in a variety of ''Karma'', the route to freedom, safety, and independence for any nation is requisite upon many choices made over many years, by many of its leaders and citizens.
Those choices have consequences and they will return to seek their recompense one day, on all peoples.

The USA cannot and should not indemnify any other state or people, no matter the rationale, against loss, error, or misadventure..

I will not endevour to explain why this is the case- as before, read the words of our founders above and you will see the case far more lucidly presented than I could hope to do.
Anyone who contradicts the edicts of our founders but still seeks to shelter their stance under the illusion that they are a american patriot,.. they have no legitimate basis to seek shelter for themsleves under that illusion.

The route to prosperity for the USA is the same now as it was in our past-
Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.
--Thomas Jefferson

to attempt to circumvent this stand is neither wise, loyal, patriotic, or conservative.. it is radical, disloyal, and spurns our traditions in favor of empty, deceptive promises from the mouths of the bought and paid for..

One last quote sums it up-

If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was and never will be.
--Thomas Jefferson

including those blasting a Darryl Worley song, while emblazoned in red, white, and blue finery,
who is threatened by or opposed to the above traditions of our republic has a agenda, but it is not a traditional, wise or time-proven angenda, and its one that offers a hollow promise of consequence-free actions that never were, and never will be.

If you wish to remake the world, assure the safety of foreign states, act as the worlds policeman, you may be loyal to someone/something, but you are not a disciple of our founders. We are now in a ominous age, in which both major parties have sold themselves, taken money from paying international concerns to denude our state of its industrial strength, and offered preposterous promises of no consequences.. as long as you keep their party in power..
The greatest fear of the founders is now realized- Government unconstrained.

The time is very late now, we are the people, and we cannot maintain our state unless we throw off the ignorance warned of by Jefferson,
a ignorance embraced and SOLD by the 'herbal-viagra shilling' pundits of both major parties- and as a people, return to the underpining of what it means to be a traditional american.
I am not hope-filled or optimistic that this will take place, to put it mildly, but each of us has a responsibility to teach, and do our part, until we have been overtaken and silenced.. and that day in my opinion, draws closer as our minds close and we buy into that which we were long ago warned against.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jacksons dream date, or a evidence of a Kenyan-born decide

who needs a altered birth certificate, when you have the photographic evidence?

Lets hear the wailing commence from the moonbattery!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My colon cant survive the fairness doctrine.. damn you Main stream media!!

I am a adherent of talk radio.. the last bastion of truth in troubled times.

One of my biggest fears concerning talk radio, in these times of health care reform (yeah right.. MSM) is not being separated from my beloved talk radio per se,

but being torn away from the life-giving, non-FDA approved herbal products that, thanks to Neo-conservative talk radio, I am able to access at competitive prices to maintain my otherwise robust constitution.

These products that keep me regular, internally cleansed, visually acute, hairy, and turgid, can simply be obtained NO WHERE ELSE but the honest, caring realm of AM talk radio..
(to be fair, even the sick twisted hate-filled dementos at 'Air America' offer the same herbal remedies, likely so as not to allow their population of insipid listeners to deplete while the ranks of conservative talk listeners grow more herbally robust)

When I travel to the local retail outlets and ask for a herbal colon cleanser, and then attempt to earnestly explain that fecal matter is liable to build up like ''SPACKLE'' inside of my dear colon, without this miracle remedy I am usually looked at with a foolish grin, obviously concealing the vapid, uninformed status of the chirlish clerk, who is certainly NOT amongst the blessed ranks of israel-supporting, fellow talk radio listening TRUTH-SEEKERS!! (make that TRUTH-KNOWERS!)

Every second commercial on talk radio, for those who have not yet discovered this marvelous venue for distributing Neoconservatism to the blank-minded masses, is a advertisment for these Miracle products that in earlier times would have been labelled ''snake oil'', but today thanks to science, are now known to contain tremendous value.
I just today ingested 72 different tablets, all purchased from these public-service oriented talk radio commercials, and I must report that my Penis has never been larger.

My colon screams with joy after each daily, $100 a pop ''de-spackling'' with 'evercleanse'.

My NOW thick hair is luxurious, where only days earlier it was dull and lifeless.

My vision is virtually superpowered after Dr. Mark Levins reccomendation of 'Ocular Nutrition'.

My vast array of sexual partners are all NOW satisfied...
thanks to the simple, caring, herbal medical technology of talk radio, I am able to ''last''.. seriously im a little engine that could, if you know what I mean.

Aside from the physical benefits, I have applied to have my credit card debt forgiven, purchased listings of foreclosed properties that I shall purchase at a pittance, and can now work from home making nearly 8000 dollars a month!... all thanks to the wonderkinds of talk radio and their single-minded truth marketing on behalf of us, the chosen, among their ranks.

ALL OF THESE HERBAL PRODUCTS are hidden from us by the Main Stream Media and suspiciously unavailable in any retail outlet!! We have only the truth tellers and honesty brokers of talk radio allowing access to these wonder tablets of erectile vigor!! The next time anyone asks you to support any ''fairness doctrine'', you tell them, that if they want it, they can pry its flacid inches from your cold, lifeless palm!

How could any liberal dupe be so foolish and ignorant to not see the great public service that these talk radio advocates do EVERY DAY for the colon-clogged masses yearning to be free of both liberalism and constipation, (which are admittedly quite similar) ?
If these were all scams and snake oil as the fools amongst us assert, WHY would these great informative defenders of freedom we are blessed to listen to everyday sell these items??..REALLY!! The mentally-blessed, like me, who listen to these shows everyday, obviously BUY these fine products as they have all been advertised for years.. so could we all be IDIOTS!!??
If I manage to save even one colon from catastrophe by this post, I have accomplished my mission. Note to MSM- do NOT EVEN THINK about getting your fairness doctrine between me and my colons salvation!!

sometimes when we touch... the honestys.. too much

So like everyone else in our republican ranks, I was shocked to learn that Gov. Sanford was not dutifully pioneering his way along the appalachian trail as he had reported..
Here is a great republican, who could put his conservativism and constituents aside, valiantly favor only interests of the republican party, country-club elite, trans-national, business cronies.. and attempt to refuse welfare funds for the indigent in his state during the worst economy since the great depression..
Gov. Sanford was truly a crappy human, and a backsliding conservative.. BUT HE WAS A GREAT REPUBLICAN!!.
Some may turn on you now, Sanny, but I wont!!
Like a true neocon republican puppeteer, it is now being reported that Gov. Sanny chose his philly from among the ranks of a transnational corporate lobbyist, so at least he is keeping his treachery within our tightknit family.. irregardless of his own vestigial, blood relations he abandonded like a empty filet-o-fish container..

Now,.. as we all know, the real question is who is there to LEAD the future of our republican party??..
Requirements being,
not too smart or informed,
willing to accept talking points and instructions from transnational corporate lobbyist(s) who want to benefit from free access to US markets from any third world sweat shop, but who, understandably!!, do not want to employ actual americans,
Lastly..not constrained by common decency or compulsion to honor ones word...

Hmmm.. I know everyone is screaming 'Palin!! arrrgghh' and sure she fits the bill well enough.. the bridge she supported until she opposed it, and kept all the money anyway.. whatever.. thats small potato's..

Like many of our ranks, I feel, as does as Fox business network, that the only possible choice who fits all these requirements to a 'T' is Rob Portman..

Now, Rob Portman is being endorsed all over the place by our republican party leaders, and its no wonder..

Rob Portman, the future of the republican party, if our brave transnational corporate lobbyists flush with borrowed chinese lobbying funds get their way, is also the past of our great party..
Portman was the chief lobbyist for NAFTA... the great trade agreement which to date has denuded america of approx. 33% (and counting) of its manufacturing industry and employment.. Interestingly, our consolidated media has yet to mention Rob Portmans central role in NAFTA during any of his supporters sales pitches... but they are probably saving the best for last.

Rob Portman is the best friend that republicans, trans-national lobbyists, and chinese slave labor barons could wish for, and now that Gov. Sanford has departed the contest, and Bobby Jindal is exiled to has-been status, I urge everyone to support Rob Portman as the new empty vessel standard bearer of the Republican Party..

Of course, he will lose in a landslide of Goldwater-ian proportions, should his presidential run ambitions ever be fufilled, once the millions of ''workers'' he put out of work turn out against him, but at least he will lose with the Transnational Fox Business network singing his praises, and leading republicans from the wilderness, on to brave new loses..
Folks, I give you the new putative head of the republican party.. Rob NAFTA Portman!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

monkey business, or, a primate shall lead them

While holding a MSM-style press conference, (al'a Barack Hussein Obama).. the president of the african nation of Zambia, had a little more to contend with that we, the bearers of freedom, can muster to oppose the crazed policies of BHO here in the US of A!! ..
"A monkey urinated on Zambian President Rupiah Banda as he spoke to reporters outside his State House offices on Wednesday."
"Banda devoted much of his second news conference as president to reassuring Zambians over the dramatic economic slowdown.."

We all can see as clearly as a glistening man hammering at his smithys forge, that the once flawless, roaring, economy.. the 'rising tide that lifts all boats' economy of G.W. Bush - MY president.. has, in the few short months of BHO, been destroyed!!
No press conference.. or lousy facts.. can show me anything else!! It is NOW clear.. the solution to stop the BHO dismantlement of the great Bush economy... we must import a gaggle of well-hydrated zambian spider monkeys and turn them loose to show their opinion of our economic disaster.. using the 'Zambian method'!.
They would also be great for any moslem rallies or foes of Israel trying to get out their vile propaganda at a press conference!!
''allah akbar'' doesnt sound so menacing when you are soaked in monkey pee, BTW..

the wages of sin are... snack chips?

Well, I dont need to tell my regular blacksmithy customers here in the OKC that our once proud city has degraded itself to the level of a gomorrah.. minus some of the soddom!
Well, this little chippy is not only running amok trying to attract the brave, stalwart, and well-muscled israel-loving males of Oklahoma City with her diseased little feminine wiles.. she is accepting snack chips as compensation for her evil-doing...

"A woman pleaded no contest last week to prostitution charges, accused of agreeing to be paid for services with a box of chips by a man who said he was a Frito-Lay employee"

to the reader not already under the hypnotic sway of the israel-hating MSM... NOTE, that this woman was only able to conduct this licentious trade of her meaty, disease ridden body for snack chips once the administration of the freedom spreader, George Bush, had ridden off into the sunset!!
Without my idol and hero, George Walker Bush, we are spreading venereal disease, instead of freedom.. does anyone NOT see the hand of Barack Hussein Obama in this???

Well, I hammer in the morning..

Nothing makes me happier than seeing islamo-facists flee the wrath of my mighty keyboard! There are a lot of bloggers angered by this brave and lonely stance this unshakeable, israel-loving, fetishtic Oklahoman blacksmith has adopted.. let em stew, that what I say!
We need more damn-the-torpedos, keep your damn facts - I dont care, types of red-blooded americans like me.
Thats why I was glad to hear of the attempt to help the youth of their city by 'Manifested Glory Ministries' in Bridgeport Conn.
When a disturbed youth came to them seeking assistance for help controlling his gay urgings, they did what any Sarah Palin voter would immediately do- they held a Excorcism .
Now, the MSM is mocking their attempts to help this disturbed child, as if anyone could doubt that subjecting a already metally disturbed kid to a mock exorcism could do anything but serve to set him ..straight! Oh damn you MSM!!
If only I could get this misguided youth in my blacksmith shop, I would certainly endeavor to continue the good works started by the folks at manifested glory ministries..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

have you seen this boy?

I got this picture of this perp, it seems to be a doughy, trailer dwelling maniac of some sort that keeps emailing me demanding dog food and meth, or she will tell me wife of my online ..activites. If you reconize this chubby malcontent, be sure to keep a supply of meth on hand or she wont leave your porch.
Also, whoever gave this disturbed boy a glock, you should be rather ashamed of yourself.

STOP trying to stop gay marriage!!

just as a blacksmith is wedded to his tools, the blacksmiths mate, his muse, his best boy, is wedded to the blacksmiths tool.
Freedom must be spread across the globe, first to the islamo-facists of course, most of whom must be bombed to satisfy the security of Israel, but it must then be spread here by the same true conservatives who recognize that the only reason for the USA to exist is the mission to spread FREEDOM.
Once we finish off the islamo-nazis, all of us conservatives must unite to stop all discrimination here in the US of A against the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and yes, my own Fetish community.. its the conservative thing to do, and if you do not support gay marriage here, like a conservative, you should be silenced and deported to saudi arabia as you will then get a taste of a freedom-less society!!!

Israelis bringing their boy home!..soon?

Above is picture of Israeli super-soldier Gilroy Shallot, showing the obvious strains of his captivity among the brutal islamo-nazis-
We all have about had enough of the intolerant IslamoFacists, who strike terror not only against their resident L.G.B.T. communities, that flourished in the middle-east before the ruthless crackdowns of Saddam Hussein,
but let us not forget that the IslamoFacists have been holding a dear beautiful Israeli boy, named Gilroy Shallot, in brutal captivity.
Well, now it looks like Gilroy may be coming home!

Once again the Israelis are the beacon the world, and anyone who says otherwise is a total anti-semite.

welcome.. throw your rod in the fire too!.. its toasty

this blog is going to fill a gap between the old boys network of the traditionalist blacksmithing community, and the L.G.B.T. community, as well as the many fetish communites ( I enjoy surprising other men with my genitalia- NOT reccomended around a roaring metalworking forge BTW,..LOL. oh we laugh here!! ;] inside of L.G.B.T. such as bondage, role-playing, role-reversal, domination..etc..
From a accepting and open-minded Oklahoman metal worker, welcome to one and all!