Thursday, June 25, 2009

sometimes when we touch... the honestys.. too much

So like everyone else in our republican ranks, I was shocked to learn that Gov. Sanford was not dutifully pioneering his way along the appalachian trail as he had reported..
Here is a great republican, who could put his conservativism and constituents aside, valiantly favor only interests of the republican party, country-club elite, trans-national, business cronies.. and attempt to refuse welfare funds for the indigent in his state during the worst economy since the great depression..
Gov. Sanford was truly a crappy human, and a backsliding conservative.. BUT HE WAS A GREAT REPUBLICAN!!.
Some may turn on you now, Sanny, but I wont!!
Like a true neocon republican puppeteer, it is now being reported that Gov. Sanny chose his philly from among the ranks of a transnational corporate lobbyist, so at least he is keeping his treachery within our tightknit family.. irregardless of his own vestigial, blood relations he abandonded like a empty filet-o-fish container..

Now,.. as we all know, the real question is who is there to LEAD the future of our republican party??..
Requirements being,
not too smart or informed,
willing to accept talking points and instructions from transnational corporate lobbyist(s) who want to benefit from free access to US markets from any third world sweat shop, but who, understandably!!, do not want to employ actual americans,
Lastly..not constrained by common decency or compulsion to honor ones word...

Hmmm.. I know everyone is screaming 'Palin!! arrrgghh' and sure she fits the bill well enough.. the bridge she supported until she opposed it, and kept all the money anyway.. whatever.. thats small potato's..

Like many of our ranks, I feel, as does as Fox business network, that the only possible choice who fits all these requirements to a 'T' is Rob Portman..

Now, Rob Portman is being endorsed all over the place by our republican party leaders, and its no wonder..

Rob Portman, the future of the republican party, if our brave transnational corporate lobbyists flush with borrowed chinese lobbying funds get their way, is also the past of our great party..
Portman was the chief lobbyist for NAFTA... the great trade agreement which to date has denuded america of approx. 33% (and counting) of its manufacturing industry and employment.. Interestingly, our consolidated media has yet to mention Rob Portmans central role in NAFTA during any of his supporters sales pitches... but they are probably saving the best for last.

Rob Portman is the best friend that republicans, trans-national lobbyists, and chinese slave labor barons could wish for, and now that Gov. Sanford has departed the contest, and Bobby Jindal is exiled to has-been status, I urge everyone to support Rob Portman as the new empty vessel standard bearer of the Republican Party..

Of course, he will lose in a landslide of Goldwater-ian proportions, should his presidential run ambitions ever be fufilled, once the millions of ''workers'' he put out of work turn out against him, but at least he will lose with the Transnational Fox Business network singing his praises, and leading republicans from the wilderness, on to brave new loses..
Folks, I give you the new putative head of the republican party.. Rob NAFTA Portman!!

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