Wednesday, June 24, 2009

monkey business, or, a primate shall lead them

While holding a MSM-style press conference, (al'a Barack Hussein Obama).. the president of the african nation of Zambia, had a little more to contend with that we, the bearers of freedom, can muster to oppose the crazed policies of BHO here in the US of A!! ..
"A monkey urinated on Zambian President Rupiah Banda as he spoke to reporters outside his State House offices on Wednesday."
"Banda devoted much of his second news conference as president to reassuring Zambians over the dramatic economic slowdown.."

We all can see as clearly as a glistening man hammering at his smithys forge, that the once flawless, roaring, economy.. the 'rising tide that lifts all boats' economy of G.W. Bush - MY president.. has, in the few short months of BHO, been destroyed!!
No press conference.. or lousy facts.. can show me anything else!! It is NOW clear.. the solution to stop the BHO dismantlement of the great Bush economy... we must import a gaggle of well-hydrated zambian spider monkeys and turn them loose to show their opinion of our economic disaster.. using the 'Zambian method'!.
They would also be great for any moslem rallies or foes of Israel trying to get out their vile propaganda at a press conference!!
''allah akbar'' doesnt sound so menacing when you are soaked in monkey pee, BTW..

the wages of sin are... snack chips?

Well, I dont need to tell my regular blacksmithy customers here in the OKC that our once proud city has degraded itself to the level of a gomorrah.. minus some of the soddom!
Well, this little chippy is not only running amok trying to attract the brave, stalwart, and well-muscled israel-loving males of Oklahoma City with her diseased little feminine wiles.. she is accepting snack chips as compensation for her evil-doing...

"A woman pleaded no contest last week to prostitution charges, accused of agreeing to be paid for services with a box of chips by a man who said he was a Frito-Lay employee"

to the reader not already under the hypnotic sway of the israel-hating MSM... NOTE, that this woman was only able to conduct this licentious trade of her meaty, disease ridden body for snack chips once the administration of the freedom spreader, George Bush, had ridden off into the sunset!!
Without my idol and hero, George Walker Bush, we are spreading venereal disease, instead of freedom.. does anyone NOT see the hand of Barack Hussein Obama in this???

Well, I hammer in the morning..

Nothing makes me happier than seeing islamo-facists flee the wrath of my mighty keyboard! There are a lot of bloggers angered by this brave and lonely stance this unshakeable, israel-loving, fetishtic Oklahoman blacksmith has adopted.. let em stew, that what I say!
We need more damn-the-torpedos, keep your damn facts - I dont care, types of red-blooded americans like me.
Thats why I was glad to hear of the attempt to help the youth of their city by 'Manifested Glory Ministries' in Bridgeport Conn.
When a disturbed youth came to them seeking assistance for help controlling his gay urgings, they did what any Sarah Palin voter would immediately do- they held a Excorcism .
Now, the MSM is mocking their attempts to help this disturbed child, as if anyone could doubt that subjecting a already metally disturbed kid to a mock exorcism could do anything but serve to set him ..straight! Oh damn you MSM!!
If only I could get this misguided youth in my blacksmith shop, I would certainly endeavor to continue the good works started by the folks at manifested glory ministries..